What Are Ball Peen Hammers?

ball peen hammerThere was a joke that goes “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Ball peen hammers are among the most generally utilized hammers. The word “peen” is often led to “pein” in the UK. They are likewise known as a machinist’s hammer, a sort of peening hammer made use of in metalworking. They are a type of peening hammer that has 2 ends. 1 end is formed like a normal hammerhead with bevelled sides while the other is a round, ball-shaped peen. Anyways, some people utilize the ball on a ballpeen hammer making homemade rivets for art.

The Original Reason for the Ball

It was to peen rivets. Prior to welding and also contemporary adhesives, rivets were utilized to hold many things together, as well as are still used on numerous things, explicitly in agriculture knife areas on sickles. Several disks are riveted to the hubs of several tillage devices, at one time sheet metal was secured to the structures, rivets were utilized on harnesses and rivets were made use of on canvas of threshers and various other header type executes.

It is differentiated from a cross-peen hammer, angled peen hammer, point-peen hammer, chisel peen hammer or diagonal peen hammer by having a hemispherical head. It has a handle that is like that of a normal hammer and also the material can differ, which could be timber, solid steel, or fiberglass. The strong steel and fiberglass types are typically equipped with rubber-type grips which are sometimes made use of on timber handles.

I use the ballpeen hammer more than other hammer I have. They are fantastic for tight spaces and for knocking copper installations back to round. Though the procedure of peening has actually ended up being rarer in steel manufacture, the ball-peen hammer stays helpful for lots of tasks. They are a hand tool with a heavy inflexible head and a handle used to deliver an impulsive force by striking punches and chisels. When striking a struck punch tool or sculpt tool, the striking face of the hammer need to have a diameter roughly ⅜ inch larger than the struck face of the tool.

Knowing What Size Hammer to Start

ball peen hammer diagramHere is a diagram of the crosspeen hammer. I’ve used 8 oz., 4 oz., and 2 oz. ball peens but I mostly use an 8 oz. now but if I was starting out I would recommend you to use a 4 oz. The reason is because less chance of damage or error than with an 8 oz. I was thinking about trying a 2 oz. at some point and found the 2 oz. is too small and I never got around to it hence the results weren’t any better  4 oz. is good though. The proper size are designed for straightening, shaping, expanding, riveting unhardened metal and setting roves and rivets.

This also hardens the metal so that it becomes as elastic as the surrounding material. The head is usually harder than that of a claw hammer so it is highly unlikely that it will break or chip on contact. It tends to produce glancing blows that mash some of the metal away from the sides of the hole. Therefore try to avoid to minimize chipping of the hammer.

Never use a hammer with a loose or damaged handle. If the handle is damaged, use a new one. Discard any hammer if it shows dents, cracks, chips, mushrooming, or excessive wear. The peening face is useful for rounding off edges of metal pins and fasteners, such as rivets. The biggest danger while peening rivets is to strike the nail shaft straight on on as this can make the nail bend inside the hole. Because before the advent of pneumatic rivet guns, they were commonly used for riveting.

What Is a Cross Peen Hammer?

Cross Peen HammerThe crosspeen hammer is a hammer with a blade-like peen at right angles to the haft used by cross pein hammer blacksmith to finish steel work. They are generally used in smithy shop for heavy duty work, spreading the hot material and demolition. They consist of peen, face, handle, and eye hole. Nevertheless a lighter variation of the straight and cross pein hammer is suitable for light joinery and cupboard work.The cross pein design on the cast steel head is excellent for steel fabrication, specifically when collaborating with tilted sheet steel.

The primary features of a cross peen hammer is riveting and forging. They includes authentic hickory handles and is incredibly well balanced. The round face on the other side is for completing the job and the narrow face on one side is for starting tiny tacks. Riveting is the process in which you bind two or even more pieces of steel with each other making use of a peen hammer. Forging is a process where you heat up a piece of metal and used tools to get a certain form.

When doing any kind of metalworking, take safety precaution measure to prevent injury to others and yourself. Never fail to put on protective glasses and handwear covers, and check out all instructions before starting. Furthermore, the cross pein is utilized to start off the tack or nail. If you hold a small nail or tack in you fingers it can be hard to hit the head of the nail without hitting your fingers.

Cross Peen HammerThis is how you do it. Firstly, identify the two pieces of steel to joint together and drill a small hole in each item. Next off, to maintain the holes straightened  and the steel in the appropriate location, put the peen secures into the hole that you drilled right into the steel. The larger cross or straight peen hammer uses primarily for shaping steel. Bear in mind to trim the rivet shank to the correct length utilizing the wire cutter. Accomplish this by positioning the backside of the wire cutter against the steel and cutting the rivet at that angle.

The little overage that continues to be will be used to peen the rivet. Finally, position the rivet head in the rivet holder which is the little depressed area discovered on the top of the anvil. Strike the side of the shaft making use of the hammer working in a round motion. Continue this till you have actually accomplished a smooth contoured head that overlaps the hole by at least 1/16”. The cross pein enables you to delicately tap the nail between your fingers without striking a finger or thumb. The pein can be at appropriate angles to the straight pein handle or alongside it cross pein, but the majority of commonly you will see the cross pein as this is most useful for starting off tacks and small nails.

Here’s a video of “Ball Peen Hammer Restoration: Making & Replacing a Handle”. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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