What Are Carbide Drill Bits Used for?

Carbide Drill Bits

Whether you are a carpenter by hobby, a mechanic by trait, or just anyone that uses a carbide drill bits to get the project done, I hope this information and these resources here will help you in some ways.

Drill bits are helpful tools designed for boring holes right into many materials, most particularly for metal and wood, which can be found in lots of sizes and shapes and could create various kinds of holes in various materials that’s designed particularly for the task. A carbide is a coating first introduced in the drilling industry in year 1928, scientifically called as “a binary substance of carbon with a component of lower or similar electro-negative.” It is the toughest and most reliable abrasive tools that grind glass fibers, rust, any building materials and so much more.


Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

  • CDBs are extremely effective and recommended in high production applications, as it will save you a lot of time in a production environment. They’re used in many approached and is designed for the hardest, most brittle and is extremely hard among the rest of the drill bit materials.
  • Long lasting extensive tool life than a typical steel drill bits. Able to perform in a vast range of materials with really high cutting speed into stainless steel and various other high-density surface areas. If you’re searching for tools that enhanced performance by drilling for extensive periods non-stop, then this is the option for you.
  • It became popular for the cutting of challenging materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel due to its durability to create appropriate boring capabilities. The right time to use is when the task becomes challenging with other types of drill bit.

Carbide Drill Bits

  • It could withstand greater temperature levels, drill through metal smoothly, withstand rust much longer and maintain longer time periods by avoiding downtime and loss of time invested in a project.
  • Work well under high heat condition and is designed for conventional high-speed metal tools, while the rest of the cutting tools would wear off or damage quicker. All these are only possible due to its significant advantage of the hardness factor that are more powerful compared to their steel counterparts.
  • Economical choice to create holes especially in extremely rough materials. The high-speed rotation produces friction when used on high-density surface areas and this creates a great deal of heat. There is none other type of drill bits that could perform the job accurately.


Carbide Drill Bits for Hardened Steel

Carbide Drill Bits

  • The advantages are although it is very expensive compared to the rest of the drill bits available on the market, they last much longer and still remain sharper. The best drill bits for hardened steel also possesses a sharp edge much longer compared to various other bit materials. FYI, steel or titanium coatings are slightly cheaper in the market. The titanium drill bit set is available either at hardware shop or can be purchased online.
  • The disadvantages are they are brittle and therefore may snap after each usage due to the pressure. The only method to stop from too much heating and fragility is by making use of a cutting lubricating substance while using them to create holes on high density surface areas.
  • More reliable in terms of able to maintain their cutting edge hardness at high machine temperature levels that are produced by high cutting speeds. The recommended method of drilling hardened steel is to spot-anneal it where you intend to drill it.
  • Picking the incorrect drill bit could result in damaged drills, damaged bits as well as structural defects in the project. For example, a tile and glass bit uses carbide tip to drill into tile and glass that would minimizing the opportunity of chips and cracks.
  • Suitable for drilling into limestone, bricks, marble, as well as many other masonry surface areas such as float-bottom, angled, regular and various other kinds of holes. But when it comes to metals, you have to search for durable ranges that could provide high performance on challenging materials without perishing.
  • These tools are durable in building and construction. Suitable to use for corded as well as cordless drills and function well on a high-speed version with drill presses and portable equipment.
  • Not suitable for hand drills as they’re challenging to grip with any other type of conventional drill chucks because of their great hardness that could accomplish a much better surface area finish high quality.


Best Cobalt Drill Bits Vs Titanium Drill Bits

The cobalt drill bit set are crafted from an alloy of steel and cobalt. Typically around 4% to 9% cobalt is made use of to generate a DB that is very immune to preserve their hardness approximately 1000 degrees fahrenheit. Making them excellent for drilling stainless-steel, heat-treated steel, cast iron as well as various other solid materials. These CDBs not just last much longer, however likewise cut faster compared to your  conventional high speed steel bits!

I would highly recommend to go for a Cobalt drill bits for metal and steel alloy instead of a cobalt covering simply because the coating degrades really fast. DBs included cobalt alloy are important for anybody that drills with steels or metals often. They are rather on a higher price but trust me on this one, it is well worth your expenditure because the best Cobalt DBs are durable sufficient to last for a long period of time. Cobalt steel prolongs cutting edge life  and also preserves cutting life after resharpening.

On the other hand, the titanium-nitride coated bits are not simply straight titanium covering but are actually cater a lot more for CNC usage where great deals of carefully controlled holes are drilled. They surpasses the abilities of a normal tool steel DB. If you are serious about timber and steel working, think about getting titanium DBs.

They last approximately 6 times longer compared to conventional HSS DBs. TDBs have a greater solidity degree generally compared to Cobalt DBs. The Titanium DBs are a little bit of a misnomer. They are not constructed from pure titanium, however instead are constructed from high carbon tool steel.


Solid Carbide Drill Bit Set Tips

  • Never ever use with a handheld drill electric motor, as they’re extremely brittle and might shatter if used incorrectly. Therefore the tips are it is very important to have an understanding of all the available drill types so that it would be easier to identify the appropriate material for the job.
  • Always ensure it is being oiled and clean up straight to maintain the parts clean before you begin the job so that you do not drill past the size of the fluting. It should also always be kept in an appropriate container in order to help protect against damages.
  • Recognized for their durability and remarkable drilling action could assist drilling accurate holes in a wide variety of materials consisting of solid carbide drill bits for hardened steel and masonry. Because of their greater level of resistance, they have longer functioning life. They are likewise reliable when made use of in longer production runs.


How to Clean Carbide DBs?

Do you know how to clean?

  • Get rid of all the stains, oils and scales with a clean and completely dry toothbrush using concentrated liquid cleaner specifically created for carbide tool industry to scrub off any persistent particles. Highly recommended to clean as you work. Allow it to cool down after you complete your job. The liquid cleaner also works well with bronze, carbides, brass, zinc, stainless steel, copper and also lightweight aluminums.

Whatever dimension you need, and whatever covering and steel you choose, a CDBs will certainly finish the job for you.

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