How to Choose the Best Drill Bits for Brick

Drill Bits for BrickOnly two things that you need to remember when choosing the best drill bits for brick, is that you need a special type of drill bit called the masonry drill bit set which has a different sort of tip on it that let’s you drill through something really tough like border or concrete. Also, you will need a bunch of different anchor screws. It can be called a concrete anchor too. I think it’s also sometimes called a wall dog but basically what it is, is a screw with an extra set, a larger sharp threads that go around it that help it drill securely into anything really really solid.

So if you want to drill a hole into brick you need to buy a certain size (whatever size you need of these anchor screws) and then you need a masonry drill bit which is a couple of sizes smaller than your screwed because you can get them the same size. You do not need the extra long masonry drill bits unless you are doing some heavy duty work. Just as long as you use the correct masonry drill bit sizes, you should be fine.

For instance I have a 316 screw, and if I also got a 316 drill bit the hole would be as big as the screw and it would just slide in and out of the hole, hence wouldn’t be anywhere for the threads to grip so that’s something people don’t tell you for some reason is that you have to use a smaller drill bit when you’re using these concrete anchors. (If you have enough space, get a drill bit for concrete drill bit set stored in your house).

Make sure your drill is level. Now when you’re drilling into the brick make sure that you drill straight in straight out. Don’t wiggle and wobble otherwise your hole is going to be bigger than you want it to be. Now take your concrete anchor for a wall dog or anchor screw or screw anchor and whatever you want to call it and screw it in and sometimes you can feel that there’s some resistance but you can still screw it into the hole, and that’s it. So now you can hang whatever you want to hang.

Which Are the Best Drill Bits for Brick

drilling into brick or mortarThe tools you’ll need is your hammer drill, your masonry bit, and an extension lead. You’ll also need a safety equipment, ear muffs, eye protection and dust mask. When drilling into a brick wall, please make sure you keep a firm grip on the drill. Don’t let it sway and keep it 90 degrees to the wall. Once you’ve chosen where to drill, insert your masonry bit into the hammer drill and get started. Sometimes your different types of drill bits might get worn or bent. Make sure you replace them before drilling again. It’s quite an easy job if you have the right tools. And that’s how we drill into brick. In my future article, I’ll explain more about masonry drill bit vs regular drill bit.

How Tough Is It to Drill Into Mortar Between Bricks

masonry drill bitsDrilling into brick or mortar to hang something on a brickies cement wall? Today I’m going to guide you how to hang this coat rack on a brick wall real quick. All you need is a couple of tools. First thing you want to do is figure out where you want to hang your coat rack. Check with your better half about that before you start drilling. Centre it and make pencil marks, and then we’re going to use a special kind of drill it’s called a hammer drill. Please do not get confused with rotary hammer drills which I will explain more about how to use this tool in my coming write up. The hammer drills are available fairly cheap or inexpensively now, and they’re perfect for going into brick with what’s called a masonry bit.

Next, you’ll also want to have some safety equipment while you’re drilling. Personally, I like a full face shield for my safety as these are good for all sorts of projects, then some ear protection. Also, either get a vacuum or a dustpan to hold right below where you’re going to drill because the drill will shot brick dust all over the place and I’ve seen a lot more mortar and cement crumble that I have seen brick crumbled so whenever I’m going to hang something in a brick or a cinder block wall, I always go into the brick or cinder block and not into the mortar that supports them between.

drill bit for concreteWhen hanging light weight objects on a burger cement wall, I suggest a plastic anchor. This is a little heavier so I’m going to use a lead anchor. These anchors are kind of nice just have to be careful not to eat them. So just remember that plastic anchor for lightweight things and lead anchor for medium weight. As for heavy things like a TV, you may want to use what’s called a sleeve anchor which I will write about that in a future article. Now, my led anchor goes in. that’s it. We are done. Also if you like what I’m doing here, I put up articles every week on all kinds of cheap hardware services. So you can bookmark this site for reference and visit for more. Drill BitChoosing the Best Drill Bits for Brick,How to Choose the Best Drill Bits for Brick,How Tough Is It to Drill Into Mortar Between Bricks,Which Are the Best Drill Bits for BrickHow to Choose the Best Drill Bits for Brick Only two things that you need to remember when choosing the best drill bits for brick, is that you need a special type of drill bit called the masonry drill bit set which has a different sort of tip on it that...It's all about hardware that you need to have - drill bit, hammer, nuts, screw, & screwdriver.