The Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

drill bits for stainless steelThe best drill bits for stainless steel is a cobalt pilot point drill bits. It’s a very strange looking drill. It has got a pilot drill built on the end of a traditional drill, and on the other end it as flat machine on it which makes it easier to grip in the drill chuck.

This particular bit is eight millimeter in diameter and these are supposed to be particularly good on stainless steel. I will demonstrate how to drill stainless steel plate on a piece of 10 millimeter thick 316 stainless. Now, set the drill on a medium speed. Next, spray some coolant on the area to drill. Now you can see that it has drilled through very cleanly and this is not a thin piece of stainless, but this is actually a 10 millimeter thick 316 stainless and it is incredibly difficult to drill, but this drill bit actually drilled it with ease. However to sharpen them might look a little bit difficult but they are exceptionally good for drilling stainless steel.

Using Cheap Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

black oxide drill bit setI will do a quick demonstration on grilling stainless steel. A lot of people came and actually telling me all your stainless steel is impossible to drill e.g. the tip burns out, I went through 20 drill bits that sort of thing and everybody asked me what are the best drill bits to buy?

Honestly I buy the cheap ones. I do not buy anything fancy and I don’t buy the worst ones either. Basically I’m using these black oxide they’re not cobalt drill bits for stainless steel, they’re not titanium. This is a good old-fashioned home decent people drill bits. These are a 135 degree split point drill bit that drills through metal fantastic, because they actually got a double bevel and actually gets the cutting edge all the way up to the center. That’s why that is important and does make a big difference.

black oxide bitsblack oxide drill bits

Well, what I’m going to show you is no matter what drill hss bits you have, I mean as long as it’s designed for cutting metal whether it be a regular 180 degree, it doesn’t matter. My tip is to use a pilot hole. So if we want to drill let’s say a 516 drill bit, I always start with an 8 inch. Now just to show you this is actually a nice steel, 440c stainless steel. This is not your average of stainless type 3 or 4 which is mostly what most guys contractors are drilling through, a wall coverings, backsplashes (that stuff is softer) this is the tough stuff.

black oxide drill bits usesblack oxide drill bits for metal

So I always start with moderate pressure and go slow. I mean the trick is to go slow and that’s the best advice I can say, because a lot of guys wanna mess it out as fast as possible. Drill bits burnt out because of friction. Friction creates heat, so what do you do? You can always break out the good old fashioned oil drilling fluid that type of thing, because oil obviously reduces friction, or you could try to cool it.

So if I’m doing a bunch of holes, you can either hold this thing down with a WD-40 which the oil makes a mess and you’re gonna have oil everywhere. It’s not easily cleaned up, so I like to use water if I’m drilling. Dip the tip in the water and keep drilling.

black oxide kitNow as long as the drill bit stays cool you have no problems drilling, as this things will stay sharp for a very long time–and that is my advice I do not need to buy anything fancy. I really don’t but for example let’s dip this thing, make sure drill bits decently lubricated wet.

But when you see the steam coming off of that thing, that means it’s getting hot. Next, right now that we have a pilot hole drilled, this little hole makes a world of difference doesn’t matter if you’re drilling 516 quarter inch, half-inch, this pilot hole makes a world of difference and again this is my advices, these are my tricks that I’ve learned in my career.

black oxide drill bit concreteI’m a third-generation metal worker, I’m showing and demonstrating you guys this stuff with really horrible tools in my garage, so of course I don’t have the best up here right these are garbage stores, but this is stuff that I have at home this is I expect what other guys have at home. So again worst case I just have water.

Water is easily dried I mean get a towel whatever. Water cools this is not lubricating it really isn’t. If you want to consider a minorly, but this is a coolant. This is reducing friction. Honestly I don’t want to spray oil on my table because I don’t feel like getting oil all over the place. But again there goes my little trick for drilling stainless steel and harden metals. Go slow go very very slow, use a small drill bit first. This drill bit is about one-third to one-fourth the cost of a larger drill bit.

So I could probably buy these things from my shop for about 20 bucks a piece and I’m just buying basic split point black oxide decent ones made in the US. You don’t need to get any fancy German ones. Just get the right good old-fashioned us-made black oxide split points. Remember to go slow, start off small, then step it up to your larger drill bit guys.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions give me a heads up. If you guys got tips for me heck I want to learn. Again, thank you very much I appreciate it. Drill BitsBest Drill Bits for Stainless Steel,Best Drill Bits for Steel,Cheap Drill Bits for Stainless Steel,Cobalt Drill Bits for Stainless Steel,Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bits,Drill Bits for Stainless Steel,How to Drill Stainless Steel Plate,Hss BitsThe Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel The best drill bits for stainless steel is a cobalt pilot point drill bits. It's a very strange looking drill. It has got a pilot drill built on the end of a traditional drill, and on the other end it as flat machine...It's all about hardware that you need to have - drill bit, hammer, nuts, screw, & screwdriver.