How to Drill Into Brick Without a Hammer Drill

Drill Into Brick

There are a hundred and one ways to do-it-yourself to drill into brick or mortar to hang heavy mirrors, TVs, picture frames, shelves or simply anything light or heavy on a brick wall. I am totally excited and can’t wait to share this fun little experience of mine with you in this page. I will share with you the best way to do that based on my experience.

In order to drill into bricks, you need to use a masonry bit as masonry bits are made for strong and hard impact and works perfectly well on bricks. You will also need a large power drill because of the density of masonry material you drill into. Then identifying hole sizes before you start to drill into brick. Next, you will need an accurate measurement of the bolt (width & length or other securing tools) because later on you will need to put a bolt in the hole to support or hold on to something in place. The both measurements will determine the size and length of the drill bit you need.

Usually, when you drill a hole, it is recommended to drill slightly larger than given width of the item which you are placing in the hole. Now that you have the sizes of the brick bit to use, attached it to your drill and drill the intended hole. Mark the spot to drill so that it’s easier to manage the hole without making mistakes. When you’re drilling into brick with regular drill or drilling into mortar, try to drill through the cement mortar as it is easier to drill through than bricks, and also it will help to prevent bricks from cracking. Have you put on your safety goggles to shield your eyes from particles while drilling? It is always recommended to put on safety gears when working with even any types of drills. Also, read the power drill instruction manual before operating.

You can drill through the brick with a suitable sized bit if you’re drilling a small to medium size hole. Where else for larger holes, you will first require to drill a small pilot hole. While drilling, keep a pail of water close to you so that you can constantly cool the bit by dipping into water or flush water over the bit whenever it heats up during the drilling process. How to drill into wall without the drill bit getting stuck in the wall? Sometimes, you will experienced it. Should this happens, try to slowly and carefully retrieve the bit out of the wall. Too quickly and not careful will result in damage brick. Lastly, once you’ve completed drilling through the wall, seal the holes or openings with putty and you’re done!

How to Drill a Brick for Larger Fixings and Holes

When hole gets bigger, you are required to have a stronger fixing because you are fixing something heavier which requires more heavy duty anchoring into brick. Heavy duty wall anchors can always take heavier loads when you need a strong fixing in brick walls and concrete. You may buy a concrete drill bit set for this. For example, fixing a television to the wall. For larger holes, use a SDS hammer drill with SDS drill bits as they are specifically designed for this type of heavy duty work and they can far better withstand the stresses of large brickwork and masonry holes.

How to Drill Into Brick Fireplace

How to Drill Into Brick FireplaceFire places are usually centre of attention in living rooms. Bricks can sometimes be in the way when you wish to hang a mirror, wreath or various other decorative things around the mantel. It may seems a bit challenging to drill an opening into brick or block, but in actual it’s pretty straightforward. The difficult drilling part of the job is when you have to drill an opening all the way through from the inside to the outside of your house.

The fireplace are usually made of bricks and blocks which the gap in between those two is called the cavity. It is filled with cavity wall insulation. Here goes firstly, use a masonry drill bit to measure with the masonry anchor. An extra long masonry drill bit set is built to drill through brick and mortar, so they are likely to fit nicely into your electric drill. In my mind, bricks are really tougher and stronger than the mortars as they could hold an anchor and a screw or bolt well when you need to hang heavy things. Use painter’s tape to tape the deepness of the anchor. This will show exactly how much in you should drill.

anchoring into brickSecondly, a masonry drill bit vs regular drill bit, choose a masonry drill bit to gently tap the anchor using a mallet or hammer to drill a hole right until you arrived at the painter’s tape mark, and then place the anchor into the opening. A regular drill bit won’t do a good job so don’t use them. Thirdly, replace the drill bit with a driver that fits the head screw and drive it into the anchor but leave enough space to hang your item. I hope this simple guide was helpful to you on how to drill into brick to hang a picture.

How to Drill Through External Brick Walls?

Drilling through external brick walls are not easy and probably one of the most challenging jobs to do. This will require you a pretty powerful drill to do this and a longer bit too. For example, to install a TV aerial, a washing machine outlet pipe or maybe an external tap, then your drilling tool requirement varies. For a TV aerial cable, you will require a long and smaller masonry drill bit that is able to go through the outer brick, and then the cavity and lastly the block. For an external tap, you will require a long masonry drill bit too with a much larger diameter to allow for wider water pipe. Drill BitDrill Into Brick,How to Drill a Brick for Larger Fixings and Holes,How to Drill Into Brick Fireplace,How to Drill Into Brick Without a Hammer Drill,How to Drill Through External Brick Walls,The Best Way to Drill Into BrickHow to Drill Into Brick Without a Hammer Drill There are a hundred and one ways to do-it-yourself to drill into brick or mortar to hang heavy mirrors, TVs, picture frames, shelves or simply anything light or heavy on a brick wall. I am totally excited and can’t wait to...It's all about hardware that you need to have - drill bit, hammer, nuts, screw, & screwdriver.