A Quick & Easy Way to Make Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench   Oil Filter Wrench Sizes

I’m going to show you how to make a quick & easy oil filter wrench set using nothing but these things. Here’s just a bandana, a socket set, and socket extensions. That’s all you need. This oil filter here is for a motorcycle. It’s smaller than car oil filters but it’ll do just fine. So what you are going to do is take your bandana and fold it up, so roll it up like as if you was going to wear it as a hip in and then bring it into a circle like this at the top.

Make Oil Filter Wrench   car oil filters

You’re just going to tie a square knot. If you don’t know how to tie a square knot, it’s the easiest thing in the world. It’s a leftover right tuck the left under right over left and then tuck the right under through that loop. Easy breezy! Don’t tighten it too much you’re going to want to leave yourself a hole here (Image 3) so that you can stick your socket extension through. Next, tighten your square knot up pretty good. It don’t have to be too tight, just hand tight is fine.

socket handle   filter wrench sizes

oil filter removal   Oil Filter Wrench Set

So let’s say we’re looking at the oil filter from the front view. So you’re just going to wrap and stick your bandana around it like that, and then you’re going to take the socket extension in. You’re just going to twist that socket, and just twist and twist until it’s pretty tight.

Remove Oil Filter Without Wrench   tie a square knot

Next, what you’re going to do is you’re going to stick your socket handle and then remember  righty tighty lefty loosey. So if you put it on the wrong way just go back and do it again the other way. The bandana is going to stick tight to the oil filter. It’s not going to spin as long as you tighten it down enough and that’s it! You got your leverage just enough to break it loose and  then do the rest by hand. I hope this little mechanical hack on oil filter wrench sizes helps you.

socket extension   mechanical hack

motorcycle fans   angle grinder spanner

diameter of the filter   Honda Steed VLS 400

Hi to motorcycle fans! I want to introduce you one way of oil filter removal. The method is very simple. Here is an angle grinder spanner and a part of bicycle chain. I think that you can find such things in every garage. The principle of chain key operates here and the length depends on the diameter of the filter. I gonna test my tool on a Honda Steed VLS 400 oil filter. Here we are! This option allows you to unscrew the filter safely and you don’t need to hammer a screwdriver in it or spend money for a special tool. I wish you good luck in a new bikers season!

bicycle chain   oil filter

Alright you get the oil filter wrench review 15 dollars on Amazon. Basically you just stick your ratchet in and then they give you an adapter for a half inch.

unscrew the filter   oil filter wrench review

Then you basically twist it and then it grabs onto the filter. Now is a perfect time to test it because we have a stucco oil filter. Just twist it until it loosen. Then use your finger to twist it a few more rounds until you successful twist it off. It’s that simple.

How to Remove Oil Filter Without Wrench

How to Remove Oil Filter Without Wrench   stick your ratchet   twist it off

Today I’m going to show you how to remove an oil filter up a lawnmower without an oil filter wrench or a hammer and screwdriver. Here’s how. You take an old built wrap it just like that put it around your all filter, pull it tight lefty lucy tall loosen that bad boy and you’re ready for a new one.

Do It Yourself Ways to Remove Oil Filters Without Any Special Tools

hammer and screwdriver   Remove Oil Filters Oil Filters Without   oil filter wrenches

Today I’m going to show you how to make oil filter wrench. So this is the wrench you buy from the store to take the filter off. So I’m going to show you how to make your own alternative oil filter wrench. It depends on how much space you have to work with for example, if there’s no space limitation, you can just use the jack. Just turn it (Image 3). But if you may not have that space. Another example is using a C clamp if you have a space for it (Image 4). Otherwise, I’m going to show you a few alternatives that work on a smaller space.

timing belt   C clamp

This is a timing belt. It’s pretty good. You need to find the material that has a good traction like the one shown on image 5. Sometimes, you may not have this kind of belt lying around, so what you could have is a regular belt from your pants. A lot of time you don’t want to damage your stuffs.

a regular belt   alternative oil filter wrench

So I’m going to show you a simple way. This is a regular rope. The first thing you have to do is make a knot.

make a knot   regular rope

Make a knot (one loop) and then have a second loop.

 a second loop   tie a knot

Once you have these two loops, you place it on the oil filter.

ways to remove   Spray some water

The rope will make a very good knot and it’s pretty sturdy but you should go a few more rounds and then tie a knot. Spray some water onto the rope so that it will stay a little bit firmer.

 rope through the hole   oil filter without

Once you have this, the next thing is the key thing I’m trying to show you. Have a wrench like this and put the rope through the hole.

any special tools    Easy Oil Filter Wrench

Next, just make a few turns until it gets tighter and tighter. That’s how you do a DIY version of ways to remove a oil filter without any special tools. I hope you enjoyed the steps in my tutorial.


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